6 reasons to take a world cruise

Taking a cruise around the globe is a great way to see the world. Different cruise liners offer different itineraries, but one thing remains the same on every ship: A world class experience. Whether you're doing a full world tour or planning on a certain sector to visit particular locations of interest, there are plenty of benefits to a world cruise.

1. Avoid winter

Skip the worst parts of winter, by strategically moving from the Southern to Northern hemispheres at key times throughout the year. Maximising your summers and enjoying the beautiful weather for far longer than any landlocked traveller might.

2. Unpack once

One of the more frustrating things about extensive travelling is having to live out of a suitcase. Sure, you might be able to unpack if you're in a hotel for a week, but with a world cruise your hotel is travelling with you. Unpack as soon as you get to your cabin, and from there you'll only need to pack for day trips or overnight stays at certain ports.

3. The Logistics are taken care of

Travelling through multiple countries can be a headache to organise. Booking trains, buses or flights and then needing to arrange transport to the proper terminals can take up time that detracts from your holiday enjoyment. A world cruise is already plotted out; you can visit your dream destinations without having to spend an hour comparing train journeys and fares.

4. Exotic locales

Of course, a world cruise offers countless experiences, but did you know that many offer overnight or short stays in some of the most exotic locations on the planet? These short visits often provide enough time to explore these locations and let you experience the wonders they are known for.

5. Minimal airports

Airports are arguably the worst part of travelling abroad. Often involving stressfully moving from queue to queue and a lot of sitting around looking at your watch, this process can be a significant downer in terms of starting a vacation. Cruises help you skip this step and make visas and customs far easier, allowing you to do what you came for: Enjoy yourself!

6. The experience of a lifetime

Cruise the world on a luxury hotel that moves you between exotic ports in exciting locations. Eat like royalty and see sites and places you'll never forget. Make new connections that will last a lifetime and enjoy seeing the world at your pace. A world cruise is an absolutely essential experience for those stricken with wanderlust.

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